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Agencies in Durham are working together to safeguard children and promote their welfare. This website is has been developed to inform children, young people, parents, carers and professionals about the work of the LSCB and safeguarding in Durham.

Latest Updates
September 25th
PREVENT Awareness - An e-learning course developed by Durham County Council and Durham Constabulary on behalf of the Safe Durham Partnership
September 19th
Annual Business and Improvement Plan 2014/15
August 28th
Appendix 5 Allegations against Staff, Carers and Volunteers.
Briefing note on changes to the Allegations Management procedures - Allegations against Staff, Carers and Volunteers.

August 21st
LSCB Functioning: Quality and Performance Framework April 2012 - March 2015
August 15th
What to do if your child goes missing
What to do if your child goes missing
August 1st
The First Contact Service and Social Care Direct telephone number has changed to
03000 26 79 79.

Wud-U? phone app title

Wud U? Is an educational tool for teachers and care professionals who interact with
young people that might be at risk of sexual exploitation?

Wud-U app screenshots

The app aims to educate young people about behaviour that could put them at risk of
being sexual exploited, through illustrated, interactive stories.

Wud U? will enable you to present sensitive issues to your group of young people.  You will be able to discuss the decisions that they would make if they were in the same situation as the characters within the stories.  This app also offers advice about their decisions.

Through the Wud U? app you can:

  • Demonstrate how young people can make safe decisions.

  • Provide your group with more information about sexual exploitation, from a trusted source.

  • Help us raise awareness of sexual exploitation by sharing the Wud U? app.


July 28th
Early Help Strategy

The Child Death Review Process for County Durham and Darlington Annual Report 2013 - 2014

Training.  New dates for Practice Framework for Assessment Intervention
July 25th
Amendments have been made to the Single Assessment Procedures
July 21st
Learning & Improvement Framework
NB: This Section replaces Chapter 8 (Serious Case Reviews) of the LSCB Procedures (from 1st July 2014)
July 17th
County Durham Engaging Children Young People and Families Toolkit Version 2
July 9th

On 7th July 2014 redrafted “Missing children operating procedures” between Durham Constabulary and Durham County Council will commence.

The procedures have been amended in response to:

  • The revised Department of Education “Statutory guidance on children who run away or go missing from home or care” (January 2014).

  • Changes to the definitions of a “missing” and an “absent” person and the police response to such incidents, in line with the Association of Chief Police officers (ACPO) guidance.

  • Durham Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) audits for continuous improvement and good practice.

These amended procedures have been agreed by Durham LSCB and the Missing and Exploited sub- group of the LSCB.

A good working knowledge of the procedures is necessary for all professionals, but particularly those professionals who:

  • Are likely to report a child as missing or absent or receive such a report.

  • Work in a Local authority or private residential setting or are a foster carer.

  • Are responsible for a child’s risk assessment and/or care plan.

  • Are social workers who may be required to complete return interviews.

  • Are managers supervising staff who will be operating within these procedures

The new procedures are attached, with the amendments highlighted in RED, together with a briefing note which explains the main changes.

Missing Children Operating Procedures

Welfare Return Interview Record

Information Sharing:
Guide for Professionals on the Sharing of Information

Collaborative Working and Information Sharing Between Professionals to Protect Vulnerable Adults and Children
May 30th
Updated Training Programme - Neglect - Engaging With Families 
May 9th
Updated Training Programme
May 4th
LSCB Annual Report
April 26th
Team Around the Family Care Plan added to Single Assessment Procedures

April 5th
Update to Single Assessment Procedures.  See Practice Framework

April 6th
Single Assessment Framework Practice Guidance Tools


March 22nd
Partner Information Bulletin - Transformation of Children's Services March 2014

2014 Training updates

February 21st
LSCB Newsletter

February 4th
Training Programme update

LSCB Functioning: Quality and Performance Framework April 2013 - March 2015

Governance Arrangements & Memorandum Of Understanding

October 21st
Procedures updated:
Section 2
Section 4

October 8th
As you are aware the current process is that a referral to LADO is received by the Initial Response Team, who then distribute to the LADO on duty for action.

Following a review of the notification process for LADO referrals, it has been agreed that all LADO referrals and enquiries will be managed by the LSCB instead of the Initial Response Team in order that it can be immediately logged on the Allegations Management system.  Therefore every LADO  referral will come directly to the LSCB who will log these and forward the necessary information to the LADO on duty for action.

The contact number to be used is 03000 265770.

These arrangements will come into force as from Monday 7 October 2013 
The LADO rota arrangements will continue until there is an appointment to the Quality & Performance Manager to the LSCB. This post is currently being advertised.
Please use all communication methods available to disseminate this information within your organisation.
Thank you.
Elaine Clarke
LSCB Business Manager

October 7th
Procedures updated:
Section 1
Section 3
Section 5
Section 6
Section 7
Section 8
Section 9
Section 10
Section 11

September 19th
The Child Death Review Process for County Durham and Darlington Annual Report 2012-2013

Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Matrix

August 22nd
Serious Case Review Child R - See Serious Case Review/Child Death Reviews
June 7th
Serious Case Review Child S - See Serious Case Review/Child Death Reviews

April 18th
New Consultation Pilot – Children & Young People’s Views re Child Protection Conferences
From 2 April 2013, the Independent Reviewing Officers will be undertaking a piece of work with young people aged 11 years and over to obtain their views regarding the child protection conference in order to identify ways of improving child protection conferences for children and young people.

Changes to Local Authority Designated Officer in Durham County Council
From Monday 8 April, a rota for the Local Authority Designated Officer has been introduced pending the appointment of the LSCB Quality & Performance Manager. As a result, all Local Authority Designated Officer enquiries and referrals should be directed initially to the Initial Response Team on 03000 26 79 79.

Making Safeguarding Referrals to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
Disciplinaries, suspensions or redeployment? Do you know your referral duty?


March 16th
Please note the new telephone numbers for the following members of the LSCB Team:

Pixley Clarke, Acting Business Manager, 03000 265775
Steve Ford, Training Co-ordinator 03000 265773
Ian Scott, Development Officer 03000 265772
Julie Hogg, Training Officer 03000 265774
Emma Maynard, Admin Co-ordinator 03000 265770
Sharon Sanham, Administrator 03000 265771 (main office number)

Procedures - Updated Appendix 4 Contacts

December 6th
Child Sexual Exploitation - Barnardos Leaflet for the Service Sector
Contacts - Mental Health Services
Private Fostering
November 13th
Durham MAPPA Annual Report 2011-2012

October 17th
Child Sexual Exploitation - Erase Exploitation

The Child Death Review Process for County Durham and Darlington Annual Report
July 10th
Single CAF/CIN Procedure

Child Sexual Exploitation - Leaflet for Professionals

June 10th
Procedures - Section 6 replaced

New section for Child Sexual Exploitation - See Navigation

Key Documents and Publications:
New Durham Constabulary/Durham County Council Missing Person Report.
June 6th
Information and Proforma for GPs - New Toolkit
New section for Alcohol Licencing - See Navigation
February 8th
MAPPA Annual Report

Children England

October 5th
Annual Report 2011/12
September 5th
New Child Protection Procedures

September 3rd
New - Concerned a child is being abused

New and updated Publications
August 19th
Equality and Diversity statement
July 11th
New Training Courses added
May 4th
Contact operating practices between the County Durham Drug, Alcohol and Domestic Abuse Services, the Initial Response Team and Safeguarding Teams in Durham.
April 5th
Durham Constabulary/Durham County Council Missing Person Report